KAASAPOS Payroll Application

Payroll software is a type of software that assists with compensating employees for time worked. The software then draws paychecks or direct deposits funds into employees' accounts. Taxes and deductions are also calculated and withheld by payroll programs.

Payroll software is the source of tax saving for any employee in an organization. And yet most employees aren’t well aware of different sections and tax saving mechanisms or investments. KASSAPOS being an employee centric Payroll software went many steps ahead in making the whole Tax Declaration section easiest and most useful for all employees.



  1. Multiple Company Master & Branch Master
  2. Department & Designations Master
  3. Shift & Holiday Master
  4. Employee Master
  5. Salary Earning & Deduction Master
  6. PF & CSI Options
  7. Salary Advance
  8. Attendance Entry(Manual or Device Integrated)
  9. Salary Process Weekly or Monthly
  10. Employee OT Salary Process
  11. Basic All Report
  12. Automatic Mail & SMS